Sunday, February 10, 2008

The launch of !!

I'm very excited to announce the following:

Will Hawkins & Walter Rowe are proud to announce the launch of...

The Music Photography blog & forum of Will Hawkins & Walter Rowe,, officially launched this morning! 

This site will be replacing the 3,611 member "Concert Photography" Myspace group/forum
It will include:
- Tutorials
- News
- Blogs 
- Galleries
- Book Reviews
- Interviews

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that the 100 member merged into!

Thank you for making our Concert Photography group so successful!  We look forward to having you in our new community!

Please register on today!

This site is really going to house a great community and be a great resource for photographers of all types, although it is certainly targeted towards photographers on the music side of the biz.

Walter and I have been planning, researching, and working on this concept for months!   We're thrilled to see it launch!

Please come on by and check it out :)

- Will

1 comment:

Zekeshem said...

CONGRATULATIONS, GUYS!! This is awesome! What a great resource and service you're providing...keep up the amazing work!

I know lots of people will benefit from this. I'm really impressed! :)