Sunday, February 17, 2008

LUMU Florida Workshop

Today was Nick Haskin's Light It Up Meet Up (LUMU).

The event was held at Fort Cooper State Park in Inverness, FL - about 70 minutes drive time from North Tampa.  The park had a small event hall, a playground, trees, open areas, and a swampy pond.  Around 30 photographers and 5 models were in attendance.

The day began with a brief meeting, division into groups, and model shoots.  Each group started with 5 to 7 photographers, but the groups dissolved and photogs moved freely between locations and models throughout the day.  

Lunch was catered by Sonny's and was followed by instruction by Nick Haskin on his flash techniques, which are nearly identical to David Hobby's Strobist techniques.  

Having a Saturday Strobist workshop followed by Sunday LUMU was an excellent way for me to learn, retain, and practice small flash usage in outdoor environments.  

About 6 of the acquaintances I made at the Strobist workshop were in attendance at LUMU, in addition to my buddy Zekeshem Parsons.

Thanks to the talented and skillful Nick, his assistants, and the models for sharing their time & experience to make this event happen!

Here are a couple of shots from the event:




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Anonymous said...

Love these! I think it's the lighting...some of Shem's pictures look like this this a new photographic style/trend or are they so bright and crisp because of digital photo enhancement? or do u just have mad skillz??