Saturday, February 16, 2008

Strobist Saturday in Orlando!

Today was a special day in Orlando!

David Hobby of Strobist ( ) conducted a one day workshop at the Embassy Suites on International Drive in Orlando.

I was lucky enough to sign up for the class before it sold out!

David started the day with a presentation in which he discussed methods, exposure, techniques, etc.  The second half of the day David demonstrated those techniques, using various "models" from the room (I was picked as a "rock star" model).  

Among the 40 student photographers in the class were a couple of special guests - Scott Kelby ( ) and Rafael Concepcion (RC).

Here are a couple of low-res candid shots taken  from my small Canon SD870IS:

David Hobby shooting RC with a single light setup while Scott Kelby looks on

David demonstrating his 2 light clamshell technique

Late in the afternoon, David demonstrated motion techniques - zooming, shaking, and panning during an exposure.  His zoom demonstration included a shoot of a "rock band"  - including yours truly!  Here is the shot:

For this image, David lit the background with a halogen work light.  Two snooted lights were camera left and camera right but behind the subjects.  One light in front of the subjects.

After the workshop, we hung out and drank free beer at the hotel's happy hour :)

I learned a lot and met a bunch of great folks today! 
Thanks, David, for the great workshop!

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Zekeshem said...

Oh, you are SUCH a rockstar!! I so wish I could have been there! What an amazing opportunity! :D