Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tampa Photographer Meetup in Ybor!!

What a beautiful day this past Sunday turned out to be!  And no better timing for it ;)

Courtney Fries, a wonderfully talented (and photogenic!) Tampa area photographer, had posted a blog about getting a handful of photographers together for a shoot in Ybor on February 3rd.  The idea was that we would shoot each other - leaving with images for our portfolios, from both sides of the lens.  

Courtney had a suggested limit of 5 model/photogs (and the rest would just be photogs) as we weren't sure how the timelines would run.  I had responded too late to be an official 'model', but the way things worked out, I had the interesting opportunity of getting in front of the lens anyways!

In attendance, we had Courtney Fries, Nick Haskins, Zekeshem Parsons, Taka, Travis, Stephen, Erin, and a couple others! 9 photographers!

Here are some photos from Sunday:  (At the bottom you can find links for more photos from me as well as from 7 other photographers!)

The crew

Nick Haskins

Shem goofing off  (Through the Lensbaby)

Courtney, through the eye of a Lensbaby

Courtney through the 85mm f1.2 L


Erin Harvey


Shem at f1.2

More of my photos:  

Photos from other crew members:


Steve said...

Great Post , nice shots man. You did that drum track by Garibaldi on my slide show?

Zekeshem said...

Awesome shots! I like your new blog, too! I'll have to subscribe, hehe.