Saturday, March 15, 2008

Client Testimonials: Musicians, Celebrities, Editors

Recently, I asked a handful of clients to submit testimonials about the images I made for them, the experience of working with me, or whatever came to mind. These quotes were being collected for my 2008 NAMM Photobook. The response was spectacular!

It is wonderfully flattering to have clients respond so well! Even further, the clients I polled are all musicians, editors, directors, etc. that *I* am a fan of!

Here are the responses:

"What can I say, William is the MAN!!!!!! No one does it better. His eye for the right shot to bring out your personalty always shines through on his photos."
- Keith Harris, Drummer/Producer/Songwriter, Black Eyed Peas

"Will Hawkins is INCREDIBLE! The photo shoot he did for me went very smoothly, everything shot was done professionally - Will is THE MAN when it comes to getting photos done."
- John Blackwell, Drummer, Justin Timberlake/Prince/P-Diddy

"Will is a phenomenal photographer and a great friend. He is the consummate professional and it's an honor to be on the other side of his lense."
- RJ Ronquillo, Guitarist, Ricky Martin

"Will has a 3rd eye when it comes to capturing the true image of an artist. He is also very knowledgeable about the music industry field, period. Always a gentleman and just a kool dude to hang out with, too. Again, he kicks ass in taking pictures!"
- Swiss Chris, Drummer/Musical Director, John Legend

"Will Hawkins is always on the scene, capturing not only the focal point of the performance, but all the other details that surround and support it!"
- Stephen Tirpak, Horns, John Legend

"Will is a great photographer. He doesn't just take pics of artist... He takes shots of the whole band and gets up close and personal with every shot! Most photographers take shots of solely the front artist, but we peasants in the band (LOL) want love too and Will sure does give us some! I mean he's on the stage and in our faces during sound check where all the real stuff and the realness of everything can be seen! Need a photographer? CALL Duh D-D-Duh Duh Duh Duh DUHHHHN...WILL HAWKINS!!!!"
- Allen Arthur, Saxophonist, John Legend

"Wills photos are awesome... great shots and quality! and great to work with!"
- Eugene "Man-Man" Roberts, Keyboards, John Legend

"On probably the hottest gig of tour near a swamp in Florida, Will got me to look relaxed, rested and visibly un-afraid of the lurking "skeeters" and "gators" that surrounded us...
The best photo shoot I've ever experienced! The best shots anyone, anywhere, have gotten of me. Will knows drummers!!! And gators! "
- Dan Konopka, Drummer, OK GO

"Will always provides fantastic artist photos that Pro-Mark uses worldwide. He's an image maker!"
- Kevin Radomski, Director of Artist Relations, Pro-Mark Drumsticks

"Many photographers come up with a lot of reasons why the drummer in the back of the stage is hard to get a good shot of. Will for some reason does get the shot & offers incredible photos no matter what the situation. He is the kind of professional that offers solutions instead of problems."
- Benny Greb, Drummer/Composer/Producer

"Over the years I've worked with a good amount of Rock n' Roll photographers, some of them good, some not so good. In my opinion, Will Hawkins is one of my preferred photographers to work with. He's on time, professional, easy-going, listens to the artist's ideas, and he gets a good shot every time!"
- Jason Bittner, Drummer, Shadows Fall

"Will Hawkins' photography captures the essence of live performance. His images always impress me with their clarity and emotional appeal. The talent that Will has for making you feel that you are sharing the concert experience is amazing."
- Dirk Shumaker, Bassist, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Will Hawkins and would reccomend him as quickly as I would hire him again. A true craftsman, Will invests more time collaborating with his subjects than any other photographer we've ever hired. He labors tirelessly over both the conceptual and technical aspects of a shoot, encouraging musicians to work with him in rising above the conventions of band photography. The results speak for themselves."
- Albert Mudrain, Editor-in-Chief - Decibel Magazine

"Will is easy to work with and very knowledgeable. His sense of capturing the energy of a live performance on film is flawless. 100% professional."
- Matt Bachand, Guitarist, Shadows Fall

"Will Hawkins is the best photographer I've ever worked with! He is very friendly with a lot of experience. He is creative, quick, very precise, innovative, patient, uses high quality equipment, etc. I could go on and on with about this talented individual, but all I can say is that Will is going to be one of the best soon, if he's not already."
- Pete Sandoval, Drummer, Morbid Angel

"I have worked with countless photographers over the years and I can say that I very much enjoy working with Will. He's a man that gets the shot because he "Gets It." Will is creative, professional and personable. I look forward working with him again."
- David Vincent, Singer/Bassist, Morbid Angel & Genitorturers

"Will likes to take a lot of pictures of me and my friends, and they always seem to make us better looking than we actually are. He must be talented to accomplish such a feat. For that, I thank him."
- Justin Foley, Drummer, Killswitch Engage

"Will gets in there... down and dirty in the trenches, all for the shot. Actually, he's dirtier than a cheap hooker in an Asian port of call. BOOM!"
- Adam Dutkiewicz, Guitarist, Killswitch Engage

"Will has an amazing talent that allows him to channel the emotions of the moment into a single photographic shot. Not many photographers in the business can capture such candid emotion as Will can."
- Jonathan Milton, Saxophonist

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Steve said...

That is an impressive list of accolades and well deserved, Rockstar photographer literally!