Monday, May 19, 2008

Barry Kerch of Shinedown

My first installment of images from 98 Rock fest:

Barry Kerch of Shinedown
Barry is one of the 2 remaining original members of platinum rockband Shinedown. Shinedown has been killing it on the airwaves for a few years now, thanks to their singer's incredible voice, Barry's driving drums, and some excellent writing.

Working with Barry was a pleasure! Not only is Barry a friendly, talented, and loyal guy (maintaining the same band & equipment endorsements for over 6 years), he is also an amateur photographer! Barry had a classic antique Hassleblad aboard the bus, but the schedule did not allow for a test drive ;)

Here are a couple shots of Barry:
Barry Kerch, drummer of Shinedown. HDR.
(Yes, I admit.. there was a little bit of HDR and sharpening going on there!)

Barry Kerch, drummer of Shinedown


- Will

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Unknown said...

Barry is a super sweet guy.I knew him when he worked at Sam Ash on Lee Rd in Orlando.I've seen him 3 times at the Housr of Blues Orlando and your right,Brents awesome vocals make the guys super tight.Rock on and great pics.