Friday, March 19, 2010

Killswitch Engage - The Return of Jesse Leach (UPDATED) - 18MAR10 - Fillmore at Irving Plaza

Tonight, the rumors were confirmed.

(For those looking for video and photos from night 2 of KSE's stint at Irving Plaza with Jesse Leach and Phil Labonte, check out the updated post from 19MAR10 here: .

Killswitch Engage's original frontman, Jesse Leach, took the stage with KSE at the Fillmore @ Irving Plaza in New York City.

Phil Labonte of All That Remains has been filling in on vocals since Howard Jones' surprise drop from the this tour last month. Phil has been doing a spectacular job and the crowds have been posting great reviews! Love for Howard is definitely out there as well..!

Tonight, Phil sang a few songs (killed it!!), the lights went out... and the intro to "My Last Serenade" began... The crowd began singing the intro/chorus, the lights came on, and Jesse powered out onto the stage! A few seconds later, the crowd was in a complete uproar!

Jesse sang My Last Serenade, Numbered Days, Self Revolution, Vide Infra, and Temple from the Within. Phil joined Jesse on stage for a bit!

Joel was tearing the room apart with monster guitar sound, AdamD did the same, only with a dollarsign cape on. MikeD was dropping some heavy bass, and Justin was performing incredibly on the drums....

After Numbered Days, Jesse began to introduce himself - "For any of you who don't know who I am..." - and stopped. The crowd was already chanting at full loud "Jesse! Jesse! Jesse! Jesse!" No introduction was needed.

After a few songs, Phil came back to close out the set. For the encore, Jesse returned with yet another surprise - the original Killswitch Engage lineup!! Adam D on drums, Joel on guitar, MikeD on bass, Jesse on vocals!
The encore included 'prelude', Life to Lifeless, and Fixation on the Darkness.

Luckily, I was on hand to witness the amazing event - and photograph the entire set! Despite being the worst videographer on the road, I threw one of the Canon 5D Mark II's into HD Video mode and recorded "My Last Serenade."

Without further adieu, I present you with my video from the evening, and a few photos.

More photos will be posted soon - just getting a few together for now! Also keep an eye out for blog updates on here featuring photos from Friday 19MAR10's show, as well as photos of Black Eyed Peas, Muse, BB King, Buddy Guy, and more!

Video: Killswitch Engage "My Last Serenade" and the beginning of "Numbered Days" - Featuring Jesse Leach

(I apologize for the slow focus and distorted sound! This was taken on a DSLR right against the stage)

Killswitch Engage Pictures:

Jesse Leach and Phil Labonte singing with Killswitch Engage 18MAR10 by Will Hawkins
Above: Jesse Leach and Phil Labonte singing with Killswitch Engage

More photos of Killswitch Engage w/Jesse Leach and Phil Labonte after the break! Click here!

Joel with Jesse Leach singing - Killswitch Engage 18MAR10 by Will Hawkins
Above: Joel with Jesse in the background

Jesse Leach and Phil Labonte singing with Killswitch Engage 18MAR10 by Will Hawkins
Above: Jesse Leach and Phil Labonte singing with Killswitch Engage

MikeD and AdamD of Killswitch Engage 18MAR10 by Will Hawkins
Above: MikeD and AdamD

Killswitch Engage original lineup 18MAR10 by Will Hawkins
Above: Killswitch Engage original lineup on 18MAR10! Adam D on drums, Mike D on bass, Joel on guitar, Jesse Leach on vocals

Jesse Leachon vocals -  Killswitch Engage 18MAR10 by Will Hawkins
Above: Jesse Leach on vocals with Killswitch Engage

AdamD on drums -  Killswitch Engage 18MAR10 by Will Hawkins
Above: AdamD on drums

Killswitch Engage set list - Yellow song feature Jesse Leach - 18MAR10 by Will Hawkins
Above: Killswitch Engage set list - Songs in yellow were sung by Jesse

Check back in the next day or two for many more photos from Thursday and new photos from Friday!


Zekeshem said...

WOW!! Despite the audio quality, it was really cool listening to the music as I scrolled through the pix, really added a whole new dimension to the blog reading experience! I think you should do that more often. :) Great shots, love the writeup, too!! Can't wait to see more!

Unknown said...

Damn I wish I was there. Why couldn't Jesse have come through to Chicago too. I would die a happy man. I like Howard a lot. But I LOVE Alive or Just breathing. No doubt my favorite album of them all. Do a tour with Howard and Jesse!!!

Anonymous said...

wow i got chills just watching with the shitty quality. empire shall fall is great and so is seemless. jesse is my third fav frontman of all time only behind mike patton and jim morrison. he should def return to kse and bring back those raw passioniate vocals and lyrics that have been missing since alive or just breathing!

notafluke21 said...

Awesome shit man!!! That show was out of this world! DO you happen to have any shots of the floor and the pit?

chad said...

Absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing man! You got the best video of the 2 shows. Sound isn't all that bad!

Unknown said...

One of the best shows I have been to, and I have been to A LOT of shows... up front dead center against the rail for the whole show... saw my self on that video a couple times which is really cool... do you have any other video footage of the show? I saw you up there recording a lot... really looking for video from Take this Oath. the audio quality is not an issue.. great shots both audio and video.. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots! Clarity is phenomenal. Jesse came through at the CT show as well and it was awesome to shoot, even if I didn't get to shoot him as well.